Customers who are driving less want to know how their personal auto insurance will be impacted by COVID-19.

Many insurance companies like Mercury, Travelers, Nationwide and Safeco are voluntarily returning either a percentage of premiums or a flat amount refund as a result of fewer losses due to the reduced traffic.

Ultimately rates for auto insurance will be re-evaluated to determine what will be required in context of future driving habits impact on overall claims. Williams Co Insurance Brokers is ready and standing by to assist you with your questions and individual insurance coverage issues.

Many small businesses owners are suffering with the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses and the imposition of government closures or restrictions. Most small businesses are impacted overall. They want to know how their insurance policies will respond to losses and whether or not their insurance companies will pay any claims. The reality is that no one has "definitive" answers at this time.

Some industry representatives are on record stating there is no coverage afforded under standard property and liability policies. In addition to specific exclusions for damage or injury due to virus they state "most insurance forms as written, are not going to provide coverage for any business losses due to Coronavirus". They also cite that "business income forms require direct damage from a covered situation in order for the Business Interruption coverage to respond".

However, while it may not be the intent of insurance companies to afford cover for Coronavirus losses, some forms of coverage may ultimately extend to losses related to its impact. At this time, we must recommend business be prepared to submit an initial claim directly to the insurance companies and begin tracking and evaluating the scope of related losses for an ultimate description and submission of their claims.

Law Firms have begun publishing reports fostering arguments as to some legal interpretations of coverage which could provide coverage where conventional wisdom may think otherwise. Even legislatures and regulators have considered taking actions which could force insurers to cover these losses even when they are clearly otherwise excluded from coverage.

Of course, since insurance companies had not calculated the risk or charged any premiums for coverage they would not have the resources to fund these claims without assistance from the government. Costs for covering business interruption claims alone have been estimated to be as much as half a trillion dollars.

Please contact Williams Co Insurance Brokers with any questions you may have regarding insurance issues involving COVID-19.

This document is not intended to provide any legal advice or opinion on any individual situation and should not be relied on to determine insurance coverage or lack thereof as it relates to the Coronavirus. Insurance forms and endorsements vary based on the insurance company, and changes in edition dates, regulations, court decisions, and state jurisdiction. The information is based on review of insurance coverages, sources we deem to be reliable and communications we have received from insurance companies and other resources. We make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of information as applied to individual cases.


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